31 July 2018: The Beacons of God’s Salvific Will


Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest

Reading 1: Jer 14:17-22; Gospel: Mt 13:36-43

In the Gospel of today we see Jesus beautifully explaining the meaning of the parable. He explained it so well with its deeper meaning so that the even the uneducated disciples could understand the thrust of the parable. It is a simple parable but with a deep meaning lying within it. It is an answer to the question, is God Just? We will have our own answers to the question; there can be yes’ and no’s. But the Gospel passage of today re- affirms and confirms the fact that, yes God is just and merciful.

Living in the world and looking into the world we see people both good and evil, and sometimes we wonder why evil people thrive and prosper and sometimes good people suffer. People are confused; some question their faith in God considering all these facts. When the innocents are being killed, poor are abused we can ask like the famous psychologist, Albert Camus, is the God silent?. But the question is God silent? The Gospel of today gives the answer, no god sees everything, He is not silent, He is just. During his earthly life Jesus experienced the feeling of a pure human being. He experienced the love of his parents, recognition from his disciples, appreciation from the people, rejection from his own people and the cruellest rejection of death from the people in authority.  Through his sufferings Jesus showed that God loves us, through his words and deeds He taught us that God cares for us, through his resurrection he brought us to new life.

What is our role in the world where the two realities of good and evil exist. All God wants from each one of us is to be the beacon of God’s salvific will in the darkened world. Let the light of God shine through our lives.

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