31 January 2019; Witness of Christ


Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1 Heb 10:11-18; Gospel MK 4:1-20

Today’s gospel invites us to pose to ourselves this question, “are we able to experience and share Christ to others?’”

The Word of God speaks to us of putting the lamp on the lamp stand. In the Old Testament the imagery of light was used to speak of God (Exodus – pillar of light) and also of Torah (Thy word is a lamp for my footsteps…). For us the people of the New covenant the lamp refers to Jesus, The Word of God.  Jesus, the light of the world illumines our lives with his presence.

As Christians we are called to give the prominent place to Christ and his Word in our lives. (Placing on the lamp stand). The more prominence we give to the Lord, the greater is our chance of experiencing him. (The more we have, the more we receive)

Our responsibility as Christians begins here. We are called to share Christ with others(illumine the lives of others). The gospel tells us that our experience of Christ and his blessing is conditioned by our generosity,  the way we represent ourselves as another Christ  to those in need. (The measure you give is the measure you get)

St. John Bosco, the patron and friend of youth, whose feast we celebrate today, is a model for us. He, as a priest, made every effort to bring the youth closer to God and give God to the young.

May this Eucharist, where Christ’s measureless love is generously share with us, be an inspiration for us to be generous to others and become a tangible witness of Christ.

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