31 December 2018;To Love our God


The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

Reading 1 1 Jn 2:18-21; Gospel Jn 1:1-18

It’s time to say goodbye to 2018. Looking back we cannot but thank the Almighty for the numerous blessings He has showered on us.  The blessings are the proofs that Our God has been faithful to all His promises, but, were we faithful in loving our God, which is the sole purpose of our existence?

The Gospel today is inviting each one of us to analyze our lives with the facts that have been revealed to us through the birth of Jesus Christ. The facts are:

1. Jesus is fully divine. He is God. [Have we accepted Him?]

2. Jesus came to this world not as a visitor but as a permanent dweller. [He dwells in our hearts]

3. Jesus through His incarnation made us know who our God is. [God who loves us]

4. Jesus was rejected by His own people. [Let’s not repeat the same]

5. Only those who believe and receive Jesus have “authority” to be called God’s children. [We are    God’s children]

6. Jesus is God. [Worship Him]

Arealization of these facts will help us to make our existence meaningful, by fulfilling the sole purpose of our life – To Love Our God. Amen.

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