30 July 2018: Greatness in Small Things


Monday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Jer 13: 1-11; Gospel: Mt. 13: 31-35

God sees greatness in little things. Greatness is found in commitment not in performance. The meaning of the two parables found in today’s Gospel can be summarized in this manner. A small mustard seed becoming a big tree, big enough to give shelter for the birds of the air. In the eyes of the world this process is very natural, but there is something greater meaning contained in this process of growing. God saw the greatness in the littleness of the mustard seed, all what the mustard seed need to do is to be in the hands of the Lord and let God do whatever God wants and we see the mustard seed becoming God’s instruments of love and compassion. It is an enlightenment and eye opener for each of us to see the greatness even in small things. When we consider ourselves little and inferior remember we have a loving God who sees greatness and the rainbow of glory in each one of us. God has a plan, not for our destruction but for our prosperity. He has carved us on the palm of his hands.

The second parable the parable of the yeast reminds our duty as the disciples of the Lord. A small peck of yeast is mixed with three measures of flour and we see the miracle of flour being leavened. Flour represents the world and we are sent as yeast, the instruments of God. We are called to spread the fragrance of God’s love and compassion wherever we are. When the flour remains unleavened we have the God given duty to mix ourselves with the world and to leaven the world with the salvific love of the lord.

Let the parables do not remain as a parable but they may become the guidelines and a way of life for each one of us to be the mustard seed that would give shelter to the poor and the needy and the yeast which world leaven the world with the compassionate love of the Lord.

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