30 Jan 2019: Being productive

Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Heb 10: 11-18; Gospel: Mk 4: 1-20

Being productive is very essential in today’s world. We see people often evaluating the level of productivity at the end of the financial year to assess profit/gain/success, be it in corporate, educational, business etc.

The word of God invites us for a spiritual productivity analysis today. Looking at the parable we know that on the part of God His word remains ever productive and dynamic but we are called to examine if we have delivered the necessary results.

Jesus tells of three things that hinder our spiritual productivity

Negligence – Those who make no effort on their own part tokeep the Word with them and make it grow.

Stubborn Hearted–  Unwilling to change and allowing a chance for God to working in their lives.

Lack of Purpose and Priority – No fixed place for God in their lives varies according to the situations and circumstances.

God call us to be highly productive. Let us take care to address those things that affects our spiritual growth.


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