30 December, 2017: Going Back to the Town of Nazareth


Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas

Reading: 1 Jn. 2. 12 – 17; Gospel: Luke 2: 36-40

Today’s Gospel passage marks the end of a period of the glorious days of Mary and Joseph. After the initial struggle of finding a place in the inn and having to be satisfied with the stable what awaited them was glory and a dream come true. Angels singing Gloria, shepherds adoring their son, three kings from the East visiting them with precious gifts, praises showered on them by Simeon and Anna!! How much would have Mary and Joseph been exalted. But today’s Gospel passage at the end indicates that they went back to their own town. All the praises, visions and glory are over. Now it is time of normalcy. For the next 12 years, they have to live a very normal life fighting the troubles and ups and downs of daily life. The Gospel writers may not have managed to find anything spectacular during these years that they completely avoid these years. This is the same we ought to expect in our life too. There would be moments of greatness and praise. When we achieve something or do something extraordinary there would be praises and accolades showered on us. But let us not be carried away by these. As the poem goes, “If you can see success and failures as imposters, you are a man my son.” Let us remember that after the momentary praises and exaltation, normalcy of life awaits us.

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