29 January 2019; I come to do your will


Tuesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1Heb 10:1-10Gospel Mk 3:31-35

In today’s gospel we find Jesus making a statement that apparently seems to distance him from his family. Why does Jesus do so? Jesus primarily wants to remind us that our life here has a primary purpose, which is, doing the will of the Father. Christ Himself the obedient Son of the Father is our model.

What is the primary purpose and will of God for us? – Our Sanctification and Self-offering to God in every aspect of our life.

When Jesus tells, “Those who do the will of my Father are my mother, brothers and sisters”, he opens up the possibility for all to part of God’s kingdom. The Church teaches us that no one is out of God’s salvific plan. Salvation is for all. Hence our effort of  sanctification is always communitarian and not self-centered.

Just as Jesus offered himself totally to God for our salvation, we too are invited to offer ourselves for our sanctification and of others’ as well.

Every Eucharistic celebration is an invitation for us to do God’s will in our lives. Just as the Eucharistic doxology (through him, with him…..) offers everything to God the Father in Jesus, may our lives also become a living Doxology offered for the glory of God, our sanctification and well being of  others.

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