28 July 2017: Word of God


In today’s Gospel Jesus is explaining beautifully the parable of the Sower. Let me point out from this parable the different categories of people who receive the word of God.

  1. One who accepts with greater joy
  2. One who accepts the word with lots of pre occupation, worries and troubles
  3. One who hears, accepts and executes the Word of God

For the first two categories of people, the Word of God does make some initial impact but does not remain long, because of various circumstances and problems they failed to give the prime place for the word of God in their hearts and lives. They found more comfort and satisfaction in the word of the world, which is very fragile. The one who hears the word; understands it and executes become the walking Word of God. When we prepare our hearts to receive the word of God, the word of God will take deep root in us thus we become a living word of God. Let us prepare our hearts to receive the word of God so that people may experience the shadow of God’s compassion.

Our blessed mother has shown us the greatest example for receiving, conceiving, following and living the Word of God in her life. Let us receive the Word of God with a firm yes to the will of God. Let us conceive the word of God to give the Word of God to all those who wait for the presence of God.

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