28 Feb 2017: The Lord Rewards a Cheerful Follower


Tuesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Sir. 35: 1-12;  Ps. 50:5-23; Gospel:Mk. 10: 28-33

In today’s Gospel we see Jesus giving a new meaning and foundation for the value of renunciation and commitment. Peter says proudly that that we have left everything and followed Jesus. Jesus compliments him by saying that whoever follows me leaving his family and possession will inherit eternal life. This is the truth and promise which Jesus gives to all those who have left everything and followed him unconditionally to preach his good news through words and deeds. But the question remains has this following transformed our lives? Why did we renounce everything to follow Jesus?  If the answer for all these questions is to follow Jesus and preach his kingdom we have attained our salvation and inherited eternal life. Is our following a running away from the dangers of the world? Is this following a hiding place to protect ourselves from the demands of the world? We need to find the answer by our sincere and faithful following of Christ. It is very easy for us to become a humanitarian activist than a disciple. We can do lots of charitable Christ and serve the poor giving them their basic necessities and receive praises and appreciations. In the eyes of the world we are someone doing the work of the Lord. But the question is we really doing the work of the Lord?

By this statement I don’t deny the great works done by the saints who passed on to us the legacy of serving the Lord in the poor. But, in this modern scenario where we live we need to cross check the real intention of our following of the Lord. We are entering into the season of lent, the season of lent reminds each one of us the real meaning of renunciation, which Jesus showed on the Cross. We can be one among the crowd who followed Jesus.  The challenge for each one of is to become like Zacheus who did the difficult thing to see Jesus, the challenge for us is to become like the woman with hemorrhage who touched Jesus with faith, and the greatest challenge is to be like John the Baptist who showed Jesus to the people. Let us during this Lenten season prepare our minds and hearts to follow Jesus understanding fully the meaning of following and to become a prototype of discipleship.

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