28 August 2017: Let Us Become Authentic Teachers


Memorial of Saint Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Reading 1: 1 Thes. 1:1-5, 8b-10;  Gospel: Mt. 23: 13-22

God’s word today invites us to reflect upon our role in helping others to find the truth in Christ.

One of the harshest sections in the Bible is the 23rd chapter of Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus curses blind guides. His words are indeed threatening: “Woe to you… hypocrites”. The reason behind this harshness is the fact that the persons addressed by Jesus led others away from the kingdom of God by their preaching and by their life style. The Scribes and the Pharisees, in charge of authentic teaching, offered to the people wrong values, improper priorities and justified wrong doing. And Jesus tells them, “Woe to you.”

We might also become one in the group cursed by Jesus, if our life (words and deeds) communicates to others a value system other than that preached by Christ. Let us examine our lives to make sure that we are on the right path leading everyone around us into the kingdom of God.

An example to this faith journey is offered to us in the first reading: an authentic experience communicated to the people of Thessalonica by Paul, Sylvanus and Timothy bears much fruit. The apostles taught authentically both by their words and deeds and as a result the believers experienced the Holy Spirit.

Let our lives be moulded on this model. Let us become authentic teachers of the values of Christ and be blessed in Him.

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