26 June, 2017: You will be a Blessing


Monday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gen 12: 1-9; Gospel: Mt 7: 1-5

The words of Christ in today’s Gospel are quiet hurting. He calls us ‘hypocrite’. He warns us sternly against ignoring our limitations and projecting that of others.

Christ, meek and humble of hurt, has always been firm in criticizing this hypocritical attitude. Looking at the words of Christ one may naturally come up with the question: Will there be a person eligible enough to correct the other? Will we be able to reach the perfection required so as to demand it from others? In the words of Christ, ‘Will we succeed in removing the plank from our eye, that we may take the speck from somebody else’s?’

The focus, I think, is not in attaining perfection by overcoming weaknesses, rather in attaining perfection in our relationship. Our attempt to help others to grow towards perfection should never make us blind to our limitations. It should turn out to be a mutual progress in realizing the wonders the Lord has done in our life, as well as discovering the paths that lead us to realize Him and experience Him by our daily life. This journey is for the life time. The end result of this journey is the assertion of God: “You will be a Blessing.”

In our speech, act and above all by our presence we will become a blessing to others, while at the same time be nurtured by the blessing-filled presence of others.

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