25 June 2019: Choosing the Narrow Path with a Widened Heart


Tuesday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1: Gn 13:2, 5-18; Gospel Mt 7:6, 12-14

We are living in a world of comfort and luxury. People look for easy means to better their lives. Very people challenge themselves to achieve something. It is in this context Jesus challenging each one of us to enter through narrow gate, which leads to life. Is it a hard teaching? Unable to comprehend? No! Jesus has shown us the way that the eternal life which He promised to us was given to us not through an easy method but through His passion death and resurrection. His incarnation was an entry to the world humbling Himself which we can call it as a narrow way. We are called to be His disciples called to follow Him and imitate Him. Discipleship is not a cozy choice rather a costly choice. If we are fully committed and determined to follow our Lord and master sufferings and persecutions are sure to come. Do we willingly take up these sufferings and persecutions as a reward for following the Lord? In doing the will of His Father Jesus embraced His passion and death as a means of salvation of the human beings. St. Paul considered all the many hardships as gain. St. Alphonsa received all the sufferings as a loving offering to the Lord.

Let us ask ourselves are we disciples who follow the Lord through narrow path. Let us remind ourselves that our Lord and Master chose the narrow path the Cross to give us eternal life. Let us ask for the grace that we may strive to follow Jesus amidst difficulties and problems inscribing in our heart the words of St. Paul, “ I can do all things in whom who strengthens me.

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