25 January 2019; Sharing the Good News


Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle
Reading 1Acts 22:3-16Gospel Mk 16:15-18

In the gospel passage of today Jesus is giving us a beautiful mandate that is to proclaim the Good news far and wide. From the Gospel passages we see that the good news is not just telling the good news, it is making it effective in the lives of the people, by freeing them from all types of bondage. The question and challenge for us is that, how can we pr how are we to share the good news with others? Jesus himself shows us the way.

First, he showed it by standing up for the truth, even at the cost of His life. When he was standing before Pilate, he affirmed that “he was born and came into the world for this one purpose, to speak about the truth”. So standing up for the truth and living up to it is the first requirement in the process of spreading the good news. Secondly Jesus stood for the people, especially the poor. He stood up for all of them and came to their defense. Like Jesus, often we will have to stand alone in defense of them. These are some of the ways in which Jesus spread the good news. As we see from Jesus’ life, it is not easy task, but a very perilous one. But it is not the proclamation of the good news worth the peril we face?

May the Lords who gave us this mission to “ go and proclaim the Good News”, give us the courage to keep at the task, come what may.

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