25 April 2017: Go Proclaim!


Feast of Saint Mark, evangelist

Reading 1: 1 Pt. 5: 5b-14; Ps. 89: 2-17; Gospel: Mk. 16: 15-20

“Go proclaim…”

The directive to ‘proclaim’ the Gospel is a straight-forward one.  It is a matter of reaching the Good News to all.  Interestingly this message does not necessarily mean only the written text.  Much more than that it is the personally experienced Jesus that is the real Good News.  The command is from Jesus Himself, only later to be written down by the authors.

The apostles are directed by the risen Lord to share with others everything they learned with and through Him, experienced Him, saw Him do and heard Him say.  They are directed to share that message enlivened by the passion of their thrill of having had that first hand experience of Jesus.

Proclamation, therefore, becomes primarily a sharing of an experience of the Lord, and not merely a description of the written word.

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