24 Mar 2018: Mindset Matters

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Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Reading 1: Ez. 37: 21-28; Gospel: Jn. 11: 45-56

The Jewish authorities witnessed the many signs that Jesus worked and were even sure that all the people will believe in Him sooner or later (Jn 11:47-48). Yet they were unwilling to believe in Jesus despite the many miracles, signs and wonders that He worked. No matter how many more signs Jesus worked, it would have had no effect because of their mindset. Later, they would even ask Jesus to come down from the cross so that they may see and believe (Mk 15:32). But Jesus would not do that because He knew their mindset. If He had come down, these people who accused Him of using Beelzebul to cast out evil spirits would have proclaimed that Jesus Himself was the prince of the demons. Ironically, they would not have believed even if Jesus came down from the Cross.

The same was true of many other individuals and groups in the New Testament. There was Judas, who was with Jesus for three years and yet betrayed Him. Even after the betrayal, He did not believe in Jesus, rather lost hope and chose to end his life. There were the people of Gerasene who would ask Jesus to leave their neighbourhood after witnessing the healing of the demoniac (Lk 8:37). Jesus Himself will express His anguish about Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum (Lk 10:13-16) for their lack of belief and repentance despite the deeds of power that He worked in them.

We may think, ‘I am not like those people. I really believe in Jesus’. Such belief will be proved only when tested. Recently, I came to know about a pious person. He used to read the Bible, spend time in prayer and do all kinds of works for the Church. Unfortunately, he lost his only child in a tragic accident. After that, he stopped going to Church, stopped praying, stopped reading the Bible and is still not reconciled.

The Lord has worked literally so many wonders in our life, yet when one misfortune strikes, we forget all the other blessings and lose hope. Sadly, some also lose faith in God. What matters is not the miracles but our mindset in recognizing God’s presence and providence through every event in life. He knows what is best for us, even if we cannot understand it.

What is your mindset? Will Jesus be happy with it?

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