24 January 2019:To Experience Him and to proclaim Him


Memorial of Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
Reading 1Heb 7:25—8:6Gospel Mk 3:7-12

In the gospel passage of today we see yet another beautiful account where in which we see the glory and magnanimity of Jesus being realized and appreciated by the people. In the first instance we see people from different regions hearing all that Jesus was doing coming to see Him. They travelled a long distance to listen to Jesus and to receive and experience His mercy from Him. In the second instance we see the unclean spirits proclaiming loudly that He is the Son of God, a proclamation as a result of their personal encounter with Him. these both incidents show us a basic truth that to be His disciples we need to listen to Him, walk the extra mile to reach Him which will enable us to9 have a personal experience with and to proclaim through our words, deeds and our lives that He is the Messiah.

As Christians we have heard and listened a lot about Jesus through Holy Scripture and other means, but have we travelled from within ourselves to the heart of Jesus? Are we preoccupied with any other things which are actually stumbling blocks to be with Him? I believe that we need to ask these questions to ourselves time and time again. Remember that God is with us, beside us, just look within us and see the outstretched hands of our Lord Jesus waiting to embrace us. Secondly after having experienced Jesus, d owe proclaim Him. I think this is where we fail, our knowledge and experience of Jesus should not limit within ourselves, and we need to proclaim Him each and every moment of our lives. We are called to proclaim Him where we are, in whatever situation we are in. let us make Him Known far and wide, let us spread His love and mercy through our lives of holiness.

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