24 April 2017: Nicodemus, the Willing


Monday of the Second Week of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 4: 23-31;  Ps. 2: 1-9; Gospel: Jn. 3: 1-8

Nicodemus, is an exception among the lot of the Pharisees. He is one who not only dares to believe in Jesus but acknowledges Him to be ‘from God’. It was not that Jesus performed some special private miracle for Nichodemus or cured him of some ailment. Nicodemus’ trust in Jesus is born out of the very same acts and words which Jesus uttered in public and which everyone, even the other Pharisees heard and witnessed.

What makes him stand apart is this willingness to be open to the working of the Spirit. ‘To be born again … from above’ could very well mean this very willingness to be swept off one’s feet; to be transformed in totally unexpected ways. Nicodemus was open and thereby perceived something divine in Him. Know not if Nicodemus later became a Christian or a disciple of Jesus. Even if he didn’t he would not have been the same pharisee as before.

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