23 September, 2017: Human Being – a Field with Varieties of Soil.


Saturday of the Twenty fourth week in ordinary time.

Reading 1: 1 Tim 6: 13-16; Gospel: Lk 8: 4-15

Jesus’ love reaches out to men, women and to the nature. Jesus draws lessons from nature to the spreading of his word and building his kingdom. Jesus speaks of different types of soil and their level of receptivity to his words. Many a times when we read this gospel the upper most reflection that comes to our mind is that we need to sow the seed on the good soil and bear abundant fruit. But what we need to become aware is that at different periods and stages of our lives, our hearts resemble the different types of soil. As we are weak and fragile, we may fail to reap hundred fold. At this moment of our life Jesus challenges us to examine our hearts and check the degree of our receptivity to the transforming word of God. Jesus in his deep love for us enables each one to reap a harvest of good works, of justice, peace and love.

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