23 June 2017: “Come to Me”


Solemnity of Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Reading 1: Dt. 7: 6-11; Reading 2; 1 Jn. 4: 7-16; Gospel: Mt. 11: 21-30

Today we keep the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Often we use heart as the symbol of love and affection. It is quite fascinating to think why heart among all the body parts is considered to symbolize love. May be the answer is that our whole life is conditioned by the heart. If heart stops our life comes to an end. Heart is inevitable for survival. Similarly, love is indispensible for our life here on earth. The solemnity of the sacred heart reminds us also the same: A heart filled with love for humanity. It was this love that propelled the Son of God to come down into our midst, live like us and die for us. This heart calls us always to partake in this love. Mt 11: 28 “Come to me,” is the same call that Yahweh has been making to the Israelites: “Approach me, you who desire me, and take your fill of my fruits.” (Sirach 24: 19) Whatever be our state of life, whether we are full of labour and overburdened, he would give us rest. Ps 34: 18 says “Yahweh is near to the broken hearted, he helps whose spirit is crushed.” That is why St. Theresa of Lisieux said: “It is futile to pass time in fretting rather than taking rest in the heart of Jesus.” In a world where people seek refuge in sex, drinks, drugs and other addictions when in trouble and tension, where do we run to during those moments of difficulties and agony? Do we respond to the call of Jesus to look at his loving heart and rest there? St. Joseph Cafasso said: “The dying saviour on the cross is a friend who will not terrify you, who will not abandon you. Hope in Him  and heaven is yours.”

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