23 Januaery 2019; To love beyond the Law


Wednesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
Reading 1Heb 7:1-3, 15-17Gospel Mk 3:1-6

The event in today’s Gospel passage is a crucial moment in the life of Jesus; on it Jesus deliberately and publicly broke the Sabbath law; and the result was a deliberate conference of the orthodox leaders to search out a way to eliminate Him.  Jesus knew the law; He knew what He was doing; He knew that the Pharisees were waiting and watching; and yet He healed the man. Jesus would accept no law which insisted that a man should suffer, He went beyond the law, and He followed the law of God’s mercy.

We need tale into account the two actions done by the man with withered hand at the command of Jesus.

  1. Coming forward to the presence of Jesus

Just like the man we need to come to Jesus with faith and hope that He is our Lord and master who is able to do wonder in our lives. Coming to Jesus would mean leaving behind all the worries and possessions which are obstacles to be with Jesus.

  1. Stretching our hands

Just like the man we need to stretch our hands with all humility and surrender before the Lord to experience His mercy and love. We need to stretch out our paralyzed hearts and minds so as to restore our lives in the Lord, so that with a renewed and rejuvenated life we can work for the kingdom of God.

It was Jesus’ basic principle that there is no time so sacred that it cannot be used for helping a fellow- being in need. We will not be judged by the number of church services which we attended, or by the number of chapters of the Bible we have read, or by the number of the hours we have spent in prayer, but by the number of people we have helped, when their need came crying to us. Let us like Jesus make the Sabbath Holy by doing the will of God, especially stretching our hands to the needy.


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