23 Feb 2019; Spiritual awakening- Being awake in God’s presence


Memorial of Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr
Reading 1Heb 11:1-7; Gospel Mk 9:2-13

Are you prepared to see God’s glory? God is eager to share his glory with us. We get a glimpse of this when the disciples see Jesus transfigured on the mountain. Jesus’ face changed in appearance and his clothing became dazzling white.

The transfiguration of the Lord was not a mere show or a revelation for Jesus to boast of his inheritance.The Lord Jesus not only wants us to see his glory – he wants to share this glory with us. And Jesus shows us the way to the Father’s glory: follow me – obey my words – take the path I have chosen for you and you will receive the blessings of my Father’s kingdom.

How much do we miss of God’s glory and action because we are asleep spiritually?  There are many things which can keep our minds asleep to the things of God: Mental lethargy and the “unexamined life” can keep us from thinking things through and facing our doubts and questions. The life of ease can also hinder us from considering the challenging or disturbing demands of Christ.  Prejudice can make us blind to something new the Lord may have for us. The transfiguration shows us that like the disciples we could miss the revelation that Jesus brings in our daily lives. But Jesus is merciful and constantly seeks to reveal himself to us in our daily lives.

Are you spiritually awake? Peter, James, and John were privileged witnesses of the glory of Christ. We, too, as disciples of Christ are called to be witnesses of his glory. 

“Lord Jesus, keep me always alert and awake to you, to your word, your action, and your daily presence in my life. Let me see your glory.”

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