23 Feb 2017: Do Not Delay the Return to the Lord


Thursday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Sir. 5: 1-8; Ps. 1: 1-6; Gospel: Mk. 9: 41-50

“Do not lose your saltiness” is the exhortation of Christ to us today. By our vocation to be Christians, we have a moral code to live. And Christ invites to be ever aware and conscious of this fact. He expects us to live this call, to give life to it, to be real east in the flour – the world.

Is it possible? Yes, it is.

It is possible by a single act of returning to the Lord. The first reading of the day tells not to delay our return to the Lord. The wealth we have, the health we enjoy, the goodness we cherish despite the sins we commit, and the forgiveness experienced after every confession could never be an assurance to delay our return to the Lord. The Lord of compassion is also the judge: “For with Him is mercy but also anger”. Let us not take the mercy of the Lord for granted. The merciful face of the Father waits for us to return to Him. Let us do it in thought and deed.

Any roadblock in this journey of ours should be thrown off. As for the words of Christ that could be even our parts of the body: hands, legs and eyes. In short, what Christ wants us to do is to make a fundamental choice to be closer to Him. It is a journey, a decision that has to be renewed every day. Hence, let us resolve to go closer to Him. When we return back to Him in hope we are indeed the blessed of the Lord.

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