23 Dec 2016: God Dwells in A Pure Heart


Friday, 4th Week of Advent 2016 (Cycle A)

Reading 1: Ml. 3:1-4, 23-24; Ps 25: 4-14; Lk. 1: 57-66

The coming of our Lord necessitates our purification. The Word of God prepares us for the great feast we are to celebrate in a couple of days. To take part in the banquet of the Lord and to enjoy His presence we ought to be worthy. Let us question ourselves regarding our worthiness to receive the Lord. Are our hearts and minds pure enough? Being caught up in the daily anxieties, are we concerned about being witnesses of the values of Christ? Let us reflect.

Also, the Liturgy of the Word today tells us that the promises of God will always be fulfilled. It happened in the life of Zechariah. He spoke when God’s promises were fulfilled. The truthfulness of the Word of God is recognised when it is realised and experience in our personal lives. How much are we familiar with the Word of God? We cannot believe something about which we are not aware. Hence, let our preparation for the great feast of Christmas urge to be familiar with God’s Word. As a result, we too will become messengers of God, reconciling people with each other and sharing the gift of love with one another.

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