23 August 2017: Justice of God!


Wednesday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Jdg. 9: 6-15; Gospel: Mt. 20: 1-16

The readings of today present the justice of Kingdom of God. Though many are surprised at the concept of justice of the master in the parable, basing ourselves on the scriptures, we can see the master as a person who respects the laws of the Yahweh on worker and the wages (Cf. Lev. 19:13 and Dt. 24:25).

To understand the parable better, let us make a study on the concept of ‘the day’ in the Jewish tradition. The day was divided into four nighttime watches and many daytime hours (6 am -6 pm). The early labourers began their work around 6 am and those hired at the third hour around 9 am, the sixth hour around 12 pm, the ninth hour around 3 pm, the eleventh hour around 5 pm and the day ends at 6 pm. However, the argument raised by the early labourers are very true, those hired at the eleventh hour have worked only for an hour whereas they had laboured the whole day.

Yet, the message of the Gospel is of equality, all are equal in the eyes of the Lord. The colour, cast, language, nationality, nothing makes us different eyes of the Lord, our faith and love for him makes us his children.

The passage also affirms the change of heart that is taking place in the individual, whenever it be, is equal, to the Lord. Some may, by the grace of God, turn to him early in their lives yet some others may respond only in the evenings of their lives, however, the Lord considered all of them as equals in front of him.

We are all equal and have equal opportunities in the sight of the Lord, all that matters is how well we respond to this grace in freedom.

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