22 September, 2017: Ministry of Women.


Friday of the Twenty Fourth Week in Ordinary Time.

Reading 1: 1 Tim 6: 2-12; Gospel: Lk. 8: 1-3

“A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.”

Today’s gospel is an important and beautiful passage depicting the ministry of women, in the mission of Jesus. Jesus’ forgiving love and healing love which liberated the women from low status and ailments made them to remain grateful to Jesus. As a sign of their gratefulness to Jesus they followed him. What fragrance must be emanating from the hands of these brave women who accompanied Jesus in his mission, not heeding the Jewish customs of the position of women? It is important and significant to note that of the three women’s names mentioned here, two of them Mary of Magdala and Joanne were not only the first witnesses of the resurrection but the one’s who carried the good news of the resurrection to the apostles. They are indeed apostles to the apostles. Today in the Church and in the society women are in the forefront in serving the poor, the sick and the needy. Is anyone conscious of the fragrance of their hearts? Let us recognize and grant them the status worthy of their fragrant service in establishing the kingdom of God.

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