22 June 2019: “Where faith begins there worry ends and where worry begins, faith ends.”


Saturday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time
Readings: 2 COR 12:1-10 Gospel :Mt. 6:24-34

We are living in a society wherein money decides everything. We all need money to meet the expenses of our day-to-day life. We earn money to live but now we live in order to earn money. We all tend to think that it is money that provides security. As a result, all are running behind money thinking that money defines everything. In the bargain, we give less thought about our Creator, who created us, and sustains us without fail. Today’s gospel passage exhorts us to abandon all our worries and tensions to this gracious Father who cares us as the apple of His eye. But do we really trust in His providence? It is said that: “Where faith begins there worry ends and where worry begins, faith ends.” Often our hearts are filled with lots of worries connected to our own future such as job, family, apostolate etc. all these are realities of our life. We need to face it but we have a God who is so personal, who lends his ears to even the feeblest murmuring of our hearts. When the need arises we think about money but when money is not there, we are worried. Jesus clearly tells us that we can’t serve two masters: God and money. If our Heavenly Father could sustain the lilies of the field and birds of the air, then we, His dear children will have much concern and care from Him. So let us seek his kingdom and His glory. Let us not be carried away by the vain glory that the money could provide us. Let us serve Him alone…

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