22 December, 2017: Received Freely, Giving Freely.


Friday of the Third Week of Advent

Reading: 1 Sam. 1. 24-28; Gospel: Lk. 1. 46-56.

The Word of God presents two persons who acknowledge the intervention of God in their lives.

In the first reading, we see Hannah who thanks God for listening to her prayer and granting her Samuel. As a sign of gratitude, she offers Samuel back to God. The Gospel presents Blessed Virgin Mary, who thanks God for the great hings done in her life and for humanity. She too offers to the world and God the gift of Christ.

Looking at our lives, we have also been blessed with so many favours. Some which we have asked for and other that are gratuitous. How do we respond? Are we grateful and offer what we have received to others for the greater glory of God, or do we take things fro granted and grown slack and selfish?

Eucharist is a great time to thank God, especially for what we have received. As we break and share the bread with each other, let us also with gratitude share with others the good things the Lord has bestowed us with.

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