21 Oct 2017: Acknowledging/ Denying Jesus


Saturday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Rom 4:13, 16-18; Gospel: Lk 12:8-12

God’s love is unconditional, unfathomable these are the common words of adjectives used to explain the love of God, but as I reflect on the Gospel of today I tend to put a question for these common words of unfathomable and unconditional. Is not Jesus putting a demand when He says, everyone who acknowledges me before others, the Son of man  also will acknowledge before the angels of God, but whoever denies me before others will be denied before the angels of God. Then the question is how do I acknowledge and deny Jesus. The act of acknowledging and denying will be more evident when we are face with challenges in faith. But how can we acknowledge Jesus in this present era, where the so called persecution does not exist in its real sense.

Acknowledging Jesus

It is a cake walk to profess our life of faith but it is a thorn walk to live our faith in its complete sense. Acknowledging Jesus should not limit only in our words it should find its fuller and deeper effect through deeds and our lives. Peter once denied Jesus but once repented he became an ardent messenger of the Jesus above all the mouth piece of Jesus. We are not called to go on to the house tops and preach the good news of Jesus, or to go around the whole world baptizing every one whom we see on our way. We are called to do something greater to preach the Gospel through our lives and to live the Gospel of Jesus so that the people who come in contact with us may know that we are the true disciples of Jesus and acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord and God. We are called to be the bridges of hope through which people can walk and reach Jesus.

Denying Jesus

I believe that none of us have ever denied Jesus in our lives, or rather we never had a challenge to deny Jesus. But, he question is whether we will deny Jesus if time and circumstances turn against us, the answer to this question is very personal. Honestly speaking we deny Jesus almost every day of our lives. When we are insensitive to the needs of others, when we don’t forgive our brothers, etc., we forget the words of Jesus, “whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you did unto me”. Let us not miss any chance to acknowledge Jesus, let see Jesus in the face of the other especially the poor and unwanted.

Dear friends let us pray for the grace that we may become channels of grace so that people may come to know Jesus and experience His salvific plan for them. Let us equip ourselves with the same Love with which Jesus forgave the sins, cured the sick and died on the cross. Remember we are called to be another Christ through our words, deeds and in our lives.

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