21 June 2019: Father’s House


Memorial of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious
Readings: 2 COR 11:18, 21-30; Gospel Mt.6:19-23

What is your world vision? We live in a highly secularized world. It is true that we need to fight and uphold human freedom and human rights. But in order to exalt human freedom there is a conscious effort to eliminate God from the life of the Human person. “Eat, drink, make merry that tomorrow you will die.” This Hedonistic thinking has taken its strong roots in our culture and society. It is true that no one can give scientific proof for the life after death, heaven, hell etc. but how can we be 100% sure that there is no life after death? It is true the last two centuries have witnessed a lot of scientific advancement. At the same time we need to acknowledge its limitation too. So far we have some knowledge on all the planets and we could land on the moon and able to study some aspects of the Mars in a detailed manner. However, we know very little about our own Milky way; like that number of galaxies in this universe. Therefore, when we analyze in a rational manner how can we fully deny this fact of life after death? Today’s gospel exhorts us to take this reality in a serious manner because we are not mortal beings but eternal beings, created in the image and likeness of God for eternity.  The resurrection of Jesus himself is the proof for life after death; His resurrection is a sure sign that heaven is for real. We live each moment in this earth to treasure heaven for the eternity. No one can avoid this materialistic culture but let us develop a world vision in us that reminds us that there is a father’s house, awaits all of us…

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