21 December, 2017: The Mighty and the Lowly


Thursday of the Third Week of Advent

Reading: Songs 2. 8 – 14; Gospel: Lk. 1. 39- 45.

“Blessed is who who believed that the Lord’s words would come true.”

A Story is told of a great and mighty oak and the lowly grass. The oak looked down on hte grass and said, “I am strong , tall and firm. Nothing will ever shake me.” A mighty wind blew, the oak fell and the grass remained.

Gospel tells us of two humble women who were favoured by God – Mary and Elizabeth. Mary believed the message given by the angel (in contrast to Zechariah, the priest who doubted) and experienced fullfilment.

Looking at the story of Christmas, we see that the mighty, the powerful, and the intelligent (Herod, priests, scribes) fail to recognize God. It is the lowly and humble (Mary, Joseph, shepherds , Magi) who meet and experience Christ.

Today, Our Lady and Elizabeth invite us to believe in God’s power, not in our lofty ideas. Let us prepare to receive the Lord by humbling ourselves, putting aside our selfishness and pride and accept the Lord and His Word with true faith so that by believing Him and His Word, we may be blessed.

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