21 August, 2017: Go, Sell, Give, Come and Follow me


Monday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Jdg. 2. 11 – 19; Gospel: Mt. 19. 16 -22.

The readings of today present the importance that we need to give to the Lord. The young man in the Gospel, justifying himself, that he follows all the commandments even to the last letter failed to grasp the spirit of the commandments – LOVE. The true and honest love for God manifested in loving the fellow being, especially the beloved of the Lord – the poor, the oppressed and the widow. One’s salvation does not only depend on the exact observance of the law but, rather in loving the Lord of the law.

The first reading presents reasons for fall and rise of Israel all through its history. Whenever they loved and were faithful to the lord, they experienced liberation. But they fail to acknowledge the presence of the lord always in their life and moved away to worship other gods. God punished them by delivering them into the hands of their enemies, then the lord raised judges to bring them back. The Lord never forgot them in their suffering though they forgot the Lord in their pomp.

The challenge presented before us today is to remain ever closer to the Lord. The five given imperatives of the gospel will surely help us to achieve the same. It also makes it quite clear that detachment is not just rejecting or selling everything but closely attaching oneself to the lord.

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