21 April, 2018: The ‘Resurrected’ Disciple


Saturday of the Third Week of Easter

Reading: Acts. 9. 31-42; Gospel: John 6: 60-69

The disciples who followed Jesus seeing his miracles and wonders are now leaving Jesus one by one. They are no more able to be with Jesus because his words are demanding, challenging and calls for a drastic change of life. Not willing to accept the teachings of Jesus, they just go away to comfort zones. Seeing them going away Jesus asks those remained yet another challenging question, “do you want to go away too”, to this Peter gives a most beautiful answer “Lord to whom shall we go, you have the message of eternal life. Peter found the truth and remained with the truth all through his life. St. Thomas Aquinas says, “The resurrected disciples are the best proof and witness of the resurrection of Jesus. St. Iraneus says, Christians those who live a dead life due to selfishness becomes the contradiction of resurrection.

We need to ask ourselves, am I a resurrected Christian? What happens those resurrected Christians and those who find the resurrected Christ? First of all he or she becomes the Christ. He disappears so that Christ can appear in the life of others. Secondly he or she sees the world through the eyes of Christ. Look at the Emmaus journey, the disciples who walked with Jesus were freed of their blindness, silence and depression, they saw the fire in their hearts more clearly. When they began to see through the eyes of Jesus they saw only the signs of resurrection. Lets us be like Easter Christians, who brings new stream of hope to those who are still in darkness, a shepherd like Jesus to the lost and strayed and above all another Christ who brings God’s salvation to the humanity.

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