21 April 2017: Move out of Our Comfort Zones


Friday in the Octave of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 4: 1-12; Ps. 188: 1-21; Gospel: Jn. 21: 1-14

After all that happened, the crucifixion, death and even the resurrection, the apostles go fishing!  It really seems odd.  But that is exactly how each of us live.  We prefer to get back to what we are accustomed to, to that what we are comfortable with.  However great an event or tragic a loss, the regularity we are used to offers a soothing balm.  But imagine a scenario where the apostles had resumed their professional works, what they were used to three years prior, and never took up another mode of functioning…!

Yet the Lord once again challenges them.  Calls them forth to carry on, without His physical presence, what they together did for three years.  To be His witnesses.  This is something the apostles are yet to fully learn.  There is uncertainty and anxiety as to how it would unfold.  Fishing is safer. Predictable.

However, the apostles make that shift.  They opt to move out of their comfort zones and preach the risen Christ.  The first reading where Peter boldly asserts the source of healing the cripple goes on to show their full-fledged immersion in the task of being witnesses.  They are still fishing… but it is not fish they are after.

Even today, the Lord constantly challenges us to move out of our comfort zones.  To explore more ways of being His witnesses than what we are routinely used to; feel contented with.

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The Author is a Salesian of Don Bosco, a Lay Brother belonging to the Salesian Province of Hyderabad (India). Presently in Chertsey, England for higher studies


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