20 June 2019: Our Father


Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time
Readings:2 Cor 11:1-11, Gospel:Mt.6: 7-15

When someone asked Mother Theresa: What kind of prayers she used to recite during her meditation? All thought that she would give a list of prayers that she used to pray in these moments of mediation. But she answered that she would pray only one prayer ‘the our Father…’ This can be considered as the most complete prayer because  it is given by Jesus Himself who is the fullness of revelation, the Son of God. When the disciples asked him to teach them to pray, He taught this simple prayer. Biblical scholars haven’t any doubt with regard to the authenticity of this prayer. Why this prayer starts with calling God as our Father?  When we analyze the Jewish religiosity they never dare to utter the name of Yahweh; so calling God as Abba was beyond their wildest imaginations. This is the greatness of this prayer and greatest revolution in the history of spirituality, addressing God for the first time as Abba and also praying for the reign of His Kingdom. This prayer teaches us that The Kingdom of God is a broader reality and it includes the entire humanity. Again, the second part begins with a supplication ‘give us today our daily bread,’ this ‘we’ dimension reminds us that we are all children of Abba. Therefore, we are called to live in harmony as the members of one family, forgiving and forgetting each one’s shortcomings. Finally, we pray ‘lead us not into temptation.’ It would be wrong to presume that it is the lord who leads us to temptation.  Rather as St. James mention in his Letter (Jas.1:14) it is our own selfishness. But even in these moments of fragility we are supported by his grace. As we recite this prayer that God Himself taught us let us personalize each and every word in this prayer and live a life of communion with God and one another.

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