20 Dec 2018: Let God into our Heart


Thursday of the Third Week of Advent

Reading 1: Is 7: 10-14; Gospel: Lk 1 : 26-38

“The Lord who created you without your co-operation can’t save you without your co-operation.” The Word of God invites us to reflect about the God’s greatness in his approach to us. God desires to redeem us in his love but never forces himself and his love upon us. St. Luke in the person of Mary, who represents the entire humanity reflects this theme with us. The prayer for human salvation can become a reality (Zachariah’s prayer) by co-operation of humanity with divine plan in total freedom. This is the mystery of incarnation-CHRISTMAS. Jesus could become man because Mary was willing to do his part, Joseph consented to God’s plan.
If Christmas has to become a reality for us we must, like Mary, joseph etc. allow God to enter our lives unconditionally in freedom and love. Every Eucharist is a treasured moment of this encounter…God humbly asks each of us to allow him to enter us…Do we allow him unconditionally?

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