20 Dec 2016: God Visits


Tuesday, 4th Week of Advent

Reading 1: Is. 7: 10-14; Ps. 24: 1-6; Gospel: Lk. 1; 26-38

Today’s first reading and Gospel speaks of God’s visit. The God who visited Ahaz and let him have the experience of grace which he did not ask for. Many times God also visits each one of us without our knowledge in spite of our unworthiness.

God visited Blessed Mary through angel Gabriel to give her the message of His blessings. The message of blessings was handed down to all human race with her YES an yes which brought joy to the world in the form of Messiah . It was an invitation to be part of God’s mission to Mary. When Mary was perplexed, the Lord assured her His presence and when she objected He reassured her His grace and then we see blessed Mother accepting the invitation and expressing her deep faith.

The Old Testament and the New Testament express various incidents of the visitation of God. However, choice of Mary was a singular privilege given to her to be the Mother of God. The ways of God is manifested in only in the co-operation of Mary, in her unconditional yes, which she accepted with courage knowing the consequences.

Every visit of God is a call and a vocation. A vocation to be … The readings of today invite us to recognize the presence of God in our daily life situations. Though, often we fail to recognise the visit of God in our lives, God still visits us. As we are coming closer to the birth of Jesus, let us respond to his call of God in our lives, to fulfil His mission as Mary did.

By Sr. Kilda Rani

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