20 April, 2018: Being Christian


Friday of the Third Week of Easter

Reading: Acts. 9. 1-20; Gospel: John 6: 52- 59

“Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in that person”

This exhortation and invitation of Jesus in today’s Gospel seems quite scandalous for human reason. His invitation is a very rare one; no one has ever done it and will never do it. This invitation of Jesus is a symbolic expression of His unconditional love for each one of us. He did not promise us with mammoth houses, wealth and possessions. He has given us Himself the most precious wealth and possession of the Almighty God, who is the creator of everything.

The Holy Eucharist is the fulfillment of his promise, “whoever eats of my flesh and drinks of my flesh have eternal life”. Jesus united his love and sacrifice in the Holy Eucharist and we who receive Him in the Holy Eucharist become united to Him. Our anugamanam (Following) should become a sangamam (union). The question is does our following merely a journey, have we encountered Jesus in our journey, If we have encountered have we taken others as part of our journey.

Jesus through today’s gospel challenges us. Break the shells of following and you be like me, in your words, deeds and lives. It is easy to dress up like Jesus for a drama or skit, but once you remove the artificial costumes and make up can you live like Jesus? Can you be a forgiving Jesus, a compassionate Jesus? If we do this we can rewrite the sentence of Mahatma Gandhi, “I like Christ but not Christians” into “I like Christians because they are like Christ.”

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