2 Feb 2019; Presentation of the Lord


Feast of the Presentation of the Lord
Reading 1 Mal 3:1-4Reading 2 Heb 2:14-18Gospel Lk 2:22-40

Today we commemorate the act of Our Lady presenting child Jesus in the temple following the Mosaic Law. But what is the relevance of this act to us?

The presentation of Jesus presents the Christological aspect of our redemption and also provides us a paradigm to think of our response.

According to the Jewish tradition, every frost born male belonged to the Lord and in order to redeem, a sacrifice was offered. The first reading tells of the sudden coming of the Lord to his temple (unexpected time) who will purify and make the offerings acceptable to God.

The sudden coming of the Lord is the mystery of incarnation. Jesus, the first born of all creation, the beloved of the Father, the perfect and unblemished sacrifice, enters the temple and is offered by Mary and Joseph to God. The Son becomes for us a living sacrifice. It is in Jesus and trough Jesus we have been made acceptable to the Father (Baptism). Jesus by his self-offering has redeemed us.

There were so many people in the temple but only Simeon and Anna were blessed with the realization of the Saviour’s presence in their midst.

Every Eucharist is in a way an analogical re-enactment of Jesus earthly life. At the offertory we present the gifts of bread and wine by which Jesus makes himself present. Do we realize the gift of his very person that Jesus offers for our salvation at every Eucharist?

In our Christian living we also like Mother Mary, may experience the piercing of the soul. Mother Mary, who inspite of her deep love for her Son always had to experience the incomprehensibility of Jesus and his actions. But she didn’t fall short of her love for Jesus and waited in patience (Simeon and Anna) for God to reveal.

As we journey in our life, we too experience moments of trial and incomprehensibility of all that is happening in and around us. It is at this moment Mother Mary invites us to present ourselves to the Lord in humble surrender and wait in patience to realize Jesus in our midst.

During this Eucharist let us offer ourselves to God and ask him to bless us with his presence in our lives.

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