1st March: That they may all be one


The Pharisees try to trap Jesus with a question that would put him in trouble with the Jewish tradition of marriage. But Jesus with insight into the “why” of reality rather than the “how” of rituals illustrates the actual necessity of human laws and their folly to consider them as the absolute standard reality. Jesus in the vastness of his vision shows with true love that heaven was never meant to limit or to judge us but to live in true freedom. Our relationships though eternal are transformed into real perfection with Jesus. All our imperfections here on earth will be purified and transformed. Our journey on earth is towards this transformation.

Jesus reference to the sanctity of marriage as a unity of the flesh and the spirit. It could be extended to each one of us as we love each other we grow into a unity that will not just be a situational relationship but one where Jesus is the centre. Let this be our prayer that we open our minds to a greater understanding of the kingdom and a greater fidelity to our relationships as Jesus invites us to. Amen

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