19 July 2019: Do not Judge


Friday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Readings: Ex 11:10—12:14;Gospel Mt 12:1-8

Praise God. The human nature often tends to judge and make complaints about the deeds of others. Our life sometimes is revolving around such judgments passed about us. We get disappointment when we are not appreciated or hear a negative comment on our self. One becomes happy as per the likes and dislikes of other.

In the gospel today, we see Pharisees judging the apostles and complaining to Jesus about their deed of eating the grains of corn to satisfy their hunger on a Sabbath day. “Look at your disciple; they are doing what is prohibited on a Sabbath.” The Pharisees who wanted to win over Jesus was finding faults with His disciples. Their intention was to condemn Jesus for the acts of His disciples.

We come across in our daily life such situation where we judge and condemn other without trying to understand the reason behind it. Today Jesus is exhorting us to have mercy. July 2013, the media asked Pope Francis on his way back in the flight about his stand regarding the homosexual orientation. His answer was thought provoking. “Who am I to judge them?”

Dear reader, you have a self-esteem which should not be disturbed by the gossips or comments passed by others. Neither you involve in such deed which spoils names of the others. What comes out of mouth proceeds from the heart and this what defiles. (Mt. 15/18) Do not judge for you will not be judged, do not condemn for you will not be condemned. (Lk. 6/37)

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