19 April 2017: An Encounter


Wednesday in the Octave of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 3: 1-10; Ps. 105: 1-9; Gospel: Lk. 24: 13 -35

The ‘Emmaus account’ has a typically Salesian flavour.  It is basically an excellent summary of genuine accompaniment.  To be like the risen Lord who walks along with the disciples.  Lovingly and patiently accompanying those entrusted to one’s care, listening and responding to them in ways and idioms that they understand.  At the same time always challenging them to go deeper.  Spiritually it is a pilgrimage of which the centre and focal point is the encounter with the Eucharistic Lord, experienced not merely at the altar but on the dusty path, in the open.

It is also an experience that becomes the springboard and launching pad for ministry even when it means hitting the road in the dark of the night, for the light is within.

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