18 April, 2018: Messengers of Joy


Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

Reading: Acts. 8. 1b-8; Gospel: John 6: 35- 40

In today’s gospel Jesus promises us something consoling, “I will not reject any one who comes to me”, a promise that God is with us now and always. This is the same hope which gave strength to all Christians who proclaimed Jesus amidst trials and tribulations. Jesus came to do the will of the Father who sent him and did it in the most perfect way. What is our task as Christians? , our duty is to do the will of Jesus, to proclaim the good news. We have the Christians especially Philip as we have seen in the first reading who proclaimed the message of Jesus tirelessly and fearlessly. What was the fruit of their preaching the good news, we read in the first reading, ‘there was great rejoicing in that town. The disciples who proclaimed Jesus First received Jesus as their Master and Lord. They experienced an inner joy in their lives and filled with joy of Christ they proclaimed Jesus and His Gospel of salvation.

Being Christians and the disciples of the Lord we need to welcome Jesus with an open heart and mind into our lives and we need to share and proclaim Jesus to others. So that people those who are in darkness may see the light, those who are strayed may find the way, those sinned may experience Lord’s mercy, thus become channels of God’s love and mercy for the humanity.

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