17 Oct 2017: I desire Internal Change not External Change


Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

Reading 1: Rom 1:16-25; Gospel: Lk 11:37-41

The external appearance has much to do with in the present consumeristic situation of the world. Together with the academic and professional qualifications, our external appearance also has a great role to play. It could even change your destiny. The recent studies and surveys have given birth to a new philosophical thought, “all that glitters is not gold, but I love it and take it because it glitters”. All of us like to present ourselves well. No one likes to appear with shabby clothes especially in public. The modern trend is that we are judged not by what we think or do, but by how we present ourselves externally.

But Jesus goes beyond all these prejudices and misconceptions. Jesus aims at more of an internal transformation than external transformation. External change or transformation especially in the modern well-developed medical science is very easy, but internal change and transformation is not that easy. It would cost us much – our ego, comforts, etc., and could demand dire sacrifices on our part. What do we understand by this internal transformation? It means change of our attitude to uphold truth, righteousness, justice, etc., and the list goes on. In a world which moves on compulsion than conviction, it may seem to be foolishness and futile; but that is what Jesus teaches us through his life. He transformed Himself and took the form of a human being, so that our sinfulness may be transformed into sinlessness.

Certain times we are under the magic spell of rules, which makes us less human in our relationships. Rules become the measuring tape to relate with my brother and sister. Jesus is exhorting each one of us to compel ourselves with rather than love to live in this world and to be the voice of Jesus, ‘come to me all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest’. Let us not burden ourselves and others with destructive and unreasonable laws. Let us lessen the burden through constructive and compassionate love.

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