17 Jan 2017: Silence is Injurious


Memorial of Saint Anthony, Abbot

Reading 1: 1 SM 17:32-33, 37, 40-51; Gospel: Mk. 3: 1-6

Very often we have heard the proverb ‘silence is golden.’ It is true that silence can heal a lot of mental wounds and avoid great troubles. No wonder it is said that silence is the character of the wise. But in today’s gospel, we find Jesus getting angry at the silence of the crowd. He was angry because the crowd did not stand up for the truth though they knew what the truth was. When it was the time of defending one’s dignity and rights, the crowd was silent. We all have heard the statement that ‘the problems in the world become acute not because of the actions of the wicked but because of the silence of the righteous.’ There is a time to speak out – against injustice, against discrimination, to defend the faith and to defend human rights. Silence during those moments is injurious. Jesus always spoke on behalf of the marginalized. He did not mince his words on the Pharisees and those in authority. There are so many in the world who are ostracized in the society like the paralytic of today’s gospel. A silence would rescue us from the problems and risks that follow it but we will have to face the wrath of God. Silence at times is injurious for oneself and others.

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