17 April, 2018: To be His Signs


Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

Reading: Acts. 7. 51- 8. 1a; Gospel: John 6: 30- 35

 “Unless and until a grain of wheat falls on the ground and die, it doesn’t bear much fruit”

In the Gospel of today we see the people asking Jesus for a sign so that they could believe in Him. They ask for the same sign which Moses gave to the Israelites, and Jesus in turn promises the bread that would give eternal life. The bread which came down from heaven, that is Jesus Christ Himself. The people couldn’t understand and realize the sign of God who is speaking to them. They failed to understand the sign and crucified the sign, Jesus who according to them was a sign of contradiction for their basic faith.

We know through our experience knowledge and faith that Jesus is the perfect sign of God for us. We understand Him, recognize Him and accept Him. But that is not sufficient; Jesus exhorts us to walk a second mile that is to become His Signs. We have a great example of one who became the sign of the great sign, St. Stephen who sacrificed his life for his faith in Jesus. The strong faith in Jesus which was encrypted in his heart could not be removed by threat and persecution. He knew Jesus, the bread which gives eternal life, and strived hard to embrace Jesus as his Lord and Master. We have a model in St. Stephen who amidst difficulties and persecutions stood for his faith as a witness of Jesus. Do we take up the challenge, to be the sign of Jesus’ love and concern? This is the aim and meaning of our Christian life, to be the sign of Jesus’ and to be the witness of his love for the humanity.

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