17 April 2017: Do not be Afraid


Monday in the Octave of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 2:14, 22-33; Ps. 16:1- 11; Gospel: Mt. 28:8-15

Jesus after His resurrection appears to several people, either individuals or in small groups. In each of these instances, He reassures them and strengthens their faith. For each of those members He entrusts a mission. It is not a hurried command, rather a gentle reminder of what was already said during his ministry.

For those who had the fortune to see Jesus after His resurrection, it was a life-changing experience. Most of these people already had been with Jesus during his lifetime, but to see Him again after resurrection was a great boost to their spirit. Every word of His is now treated with great care and respect. Everyone is in awe and great thrill.

Post-resurrection, the faith of the apostles and the disciples takes a new turn. It is filled with great enthusiasm and a certain thrill. We Christians when referred to as an ‘Alleluia people’ means exactly that have and radiate a charm, a divine flame of enthusiasm and thrill. All of this is not because we have seen a dead man come to life, but because we are enveloped by Jesus and His spirit is our strength.

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