16 September, 2017: Building a House


Friday of the Twenty Third Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: 1 Tim. 1. 15 – 17; Gospel: Lk. 6. 43 – 49.

In all the major cities of India, we see constructions taking place daily, some so huge and mighty. It is practical wisdom that whatever be the height of a building, without a strong foundation, the whole building would collapse. Greater the height and mightier the structure, deeper and stronger should be the foundation. In today’s Gospel passage Jesus speaks about building a house – the house of life. Christian life is an invitation to take up a challenge – a big challenge to build a house of life based on Christian values. It requires a strong foundation that is ‘dug deep.’ For this construction we can choose the materials we  require. As Jesus says, ‘good man gathers from the abundance of goodness and the bad one from the bad.’ If we use the good materials of authentic Christian values, then our house would be like a fig tree or vine spreading goodness and happiness and the strong currents of modern ‘–isms’ will not sweep us away. But if we are building our house on bad values – the values that guide the sensual world – then our house would be like thorns and brambles spreading hurt everywhere and would be easily swept away by the currents of modernity and Jesus adds that great was the fall of that house. How are we building the house of our life? what are the materials that we use for its construction?

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