16 Jan 2019: Moved by Compassion


Wednesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Heb. 2: 14-18;  Gospel: Mk. 1; 29-39

The readings of the day present to us a God who is compassionate, who feels one with us – in our joys & sorrows, in our sufferings and weaknesses; not in a condescending manner where God in all his glory high up in the heavens, looks down upon us and deigns to share in our feelings and deprivations from a distance, but as One who assumed our human nature in all its fullness and lived among us.

Thus, one with us in our nature, in our milieu, and susceptible to all the limitations and temptations as much as we do, we find God through the person of Jesus Christ manifesting ‘compassion’ in all its perfection and as a consequence becoming The High Priest who expiates the sin of his fellowmen.

The Markan Gospel present Jesus who so concretely exhibits his compassion when he heals the mother-in-law of Simon Peter, when he tends to the sick and the possessed who crowded around him for a cure.

What touched me most was specially the last part of the Gospel passage. When the disciples came looking for Jesus the next morning, he was found in prayer and when they apprised him of the large crowd waiting for him, he replied that he would prefer to go to the next village to “proclaim ” the message there too.

It then crossed my mind that the evangelist mentioned nothing of Jesus preaching the Good News in the village except healing the sick and redeeming the possessed. What Jesus really did was proclaiming the Good News by his life, by his ministry – the Good News that the entire human race is destined to be saved, graced to be redeemed and privileged to be healed from all inflictions (both spiritual & corporeal).

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