16 April, 2018: Faith in Action


Monday of the Third Week of Easter

Reading: Acts. 6. 8-15; Gospel: John 6: 22-29

The genuine faith in Jesus finds its fulfillment in the action which seeks to do the will of God. We have been taught from our childhood that we belong to the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ is our Lord. To be more frank our faith is a spoon fed faith. Spoon fed by our parents, relatives and teachers. We find different realm of our faith as we grow and study more about Catholic faith and doctrines, but Jesus in today’s Gospel gives us a new face lift to the concept of faith. He says to the people your faith should not depend on the miracles and wonders which you consider as something extraordinary. Jesus exhorts us, ‘we need to have faith first and foremost in the one whom God has sent.

But the question is, is only faith sufficient? Is there something more than we can do? The answer is given by St. Stephen through his life of faith. He lived his faith in Jesus, he proclaimed his faith through his life, and he gave up his life for his faith. Even when his life was threatened he held on to the pillar of hope, the faith in Jesus. We don’t face such persecutions as St. Stephen and early Christians faced. But do we still hold on to our faith when sufferings and temptations come on our way? When daily life struggles and misunderstandings cover us do we find shelter in our faith? We have a challenge ahead, ‘to be the strong witness of Jesus and to be a beacon of faith wherever we are. Jesus doesn’t expect us to proclaim faith on the pulpits rather He expects from each one of us to proclaim our faith through our day to day life.

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