16 Oct 2017: To be His Signs


Monday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Rom 1:1-7; Gospel: Lk 11:29-32

An analysis of the recent developments in the world gives us a new insight, an insight which leads us to the world of signs. The Passport, Aadhar card, College ID, Voters ID etc., are all signs to prove that you and I belong here. They represent my identity.

Today’s Gospel speaks about the sign – the greatest sign. Jonah became or was chosen to be the sign of God’s presence for the people of Nineveh, a sign which conveyed the message of God to the people of Nineveh, who had shut their ears and hearts to God. Jonah opened their blinded eyes and hearts through his words. But Jesus the greatest sign or the sign itself, surpassed Jonah. Jonah was only a reflection of God’s message, but Jesus is the God Himself whose life continues to be reflected and experienced through the words, deeds and the lives of the disciples. In today’s first reading we see St. Paul introducing himself as the servant of Jesus Christ who is called to be an Apostle and to belong to Jesus Christ. The old Saul who was trying to eliminate all the signs of Jesus has now become Paul the sign of Jesus’ love.

How can we be the signs of our Lord Jesus today?

We have the answer in the words of St. Paul: ‘by belonging to Jesus Christ’. A genuine and sincere sense of belonging to Jesus Christ demands a lot from us. The world today is obsessed with many other signs which lead human beings away from the loving embrace of God. We, as his chosen disciples, have a great responsibility to bring them back to God. How can we do it?

  1. By being the reflection of God’s mercy and compassion
  2. By being the sign which leads others to Jesus Christ the greatest sign of God
  3. By being the voice of the voiceless, especially the poor and the oppressed.

Opportunities abound to be the signs of God. But we need to experience the presence of Jesus in our lives. Just like our Blessed Mother we need to possess Jesus first. When we possess Jesus and experience the presence of Jesus in our lives we will become the effective ministers of the love of God which is precisely the mission entrusted to us.

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